Michael Habeck

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I am heading a research group in Microscopic Image Analysis at Jena University Hospital.

Interests and projects

We are am broadly interested in Bayesian inference and its application to biological and other scientific data. We view probability theory as the mathematical framework for making consistent inferences and predictions from incomplete and uncertain information. Therefore, Bayesian methods are powerful tools to support scientific inference and to solve engineering problems. Our previous and current research focuses on three highly interconnected topics in Computational structural biology, Bayesian computation and Statistical physics.

The research group is mainly involved in the development of a Bayesian probabilistic approach to biomolecular structure determination that we call Inferential Structure Determination (ISD). Over the years, ISD has matured into a powerful tool for macromolecular structure calculation from NMR, X-ray, cryo-EM and other structural data by means of Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation. Moreover, we maintain a keen interest in developing new methods for cryo-EM data analysis and image processing. We are currently developing tools to model large and dynamic systems (protein complexes, chromosomes) and work on new algorithms for general Bayesian computation.


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